I am not alive anywhere.について






“女性たち”としてではなく“わたし”として生きるわたしたちに必要なのは、女性という名詞でも、Me tooの集まりでもなく、わたしの痛みはわたしだけのものであると確かめること


ストッキングが破れた一日の憂鬱や、女性ホルモンの投与と生理 / 生産と非生産の繰り返しですり減っていく身体、化粧で美しい顔をつくる度にめちゃくちゃに汚れる鏡がニュースに取り上げられることはない




I am not alive anywhere.




It is the reality that trifling matters which never make news are more important for us, and we’re fighting with them everyday.

I think the nature of the pain of girls is there.

I feel like my pain is going far away and becoming somebody else's business whenever the issues of molesters and gender inequality make headlines on TV and newspapers.

How can I wipe away the discomfort which feels like somebody is putting finger marks on my pain when my problems are put into the places where an infinite number of people are allowed to see and have plenty of discussions on them. 

I want to grasp the problems as “my” problems, not as “women’s” problems.

What we need to live as “me” not as “women” is neither the label called "woman" nor the crowds who say “Me, too,” but it is to confirm that my pain is only mine.


The depression of the day when my pantyhose were torn, 

administering female hormones and the physiology / my body which wear out gradually by the loop of production and non-production, and

my mirror which becomes terribly dirty whenever I create a beautiful face by putting on a make up.


―These never make news at all.


My trifle but certain wounds which accumulate in my daily life are treated as if they did not exist because nobody can see them.

My pain or women’s pain may not actually exist.



I am not alive anywhere.

Probably I am not alive anywhere, remaining unable to do anything again today about being treated as if I did not exist.

That is especially why I create artworks in order to confirm the importance of my pain which may not exist.